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Which Best Place and Time for Skipping Exercise to do?

skipping exercise

Which place best for skipping exercise? When to skipping exercise? Morning or afternoon?  Think of such questions. In fact, choose the time that suits you best in your life. The real thing is to skipping exercise regularly.

Also keep in mind the safety issues. There is a danger of going out on the streets to exercise in solitude. It is not wise to skipping exercise while digging in the road or when the road is rough. There is also a risk of accidents with vehicles on narrow lanes. If you can't go outside, the roof of the house can be relatively safe.

Best Place and Time for skipping exercise

Many people do not get the time-opportunity to skipping exercise outside. They can exercise on the porch of the house. If you have a long veranda or corridor, you can exercise there. If there is no large space inside the room, exercise several times from one corner of the room to the other. There is no open air in a closed room or gym, but it is better not to go out.

Exercising in the sun will make you breathe easily; The sun can also have an adverse effect on the skin. So it is better to walk outside before 10 am or after 4 pm.

When to Skipping Exercise is not Right

It is not advisable to exercise immediately after a full meal. Exercise can be done at least two hours after a full meal. Exercise one hour after a light breakfast in the morning or afternoon. Again, you can exercise before breakfast in the morning. You can eat food 10-15 minutes after the end of exercise. A small amount of light food can be eaten in between exercises, a couple of sips of water can also be eaten. Those who do not have time during the day, they can eat dinner quickly and walk a little after 2 hours. Diabetics should not walk in the morning on an empty stomach, eat something light.

Exercise every day, whatever the time of exercise. Even if you can't find time for half an hour 5 days a week, continue exercising every other day. However, do not take a break for two days in a row.

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